A fresh gust of raw power
Tony Junior
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Diva-like behavour on stage, worldwide appealing tunes and a soon-to-be TV star

Tony’s a scoundrel you gotta love. A Dutch musical prodigy known for his diva-like behavour on stage, his worldwide appealing tunes and a soon-to-be TV star. Of course it’s all about the music, but with Tony Junior you’ll get his charismatic presence as a pleasant bonus. For sure, the world isn’t big enough for this DJ -prepare to be shocked.

Tony Junior enters the scene in 2010, with a Dutch radio hit called ‘Loesje’, made with producer Nicolas Nox. Before that he’s been active as a drummer since he was 11 years old, still playing with several artists to this day. True to the beat, it’s dance music that captures his attention more and more. Soon, he’s one of the upcoming stars in the Dutch scene.

With his specialty being big room productions, Tony gets picked up by famed DJs quite fast. Tracks like ‘Nobody Beats The Fucking Drum’, ‘Anigav’, ‘PAWG’ and ‘Feelin’ Kinda Strange’ all make it into the Beatport charts and receive support from DJs like Tommie Sunshine, Sander van Doorn, and Showtek.

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