Gregor Salto
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Dominating the Dutch club scene for over a decade, Haarlem native Gregor Salto has become a household name amongst dance music lovers all across the world. Having mastered his distinct and versatile sound over the years, Gregor emanates a truly global and exciting blend that fuses elements of soul, Latin-funk and African-grooves laid over a solid base of house and electro four-to-the-floor. Headlining some of the most revered festivals and clubs around, Gregor has spun at the likes of Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Global Gathering,  Mysteryland and countless performances in his homeland, the Netherlands. 

In 2001, he founded his own label G-Rex Music, a part of Dadadam Records, as a way of sourcing and releasing the finest fusion house music to the masses. After a decade of hard work, his big break came in 2004 when his track ‘Can’t Stop Playing’ with Dr Kucho! rocketed up to the Dutch Top 40, and remained there for two months. Fast forward to 2015, and ‘Can’t Stop Playing’ is still making colossal waves in the world of dance music after receiving a new-age makeover from Oliver Heldens and Salto himself. Since its release in August 2014, the track has been Shazamed over 1,000,000 times, it peaked at #4 in the UK Singles Charts and marked #1 at Beatport for 3 weeks in a row!

With tour dates scheduled at an array of venues scattered all around the globe, and with a slew of original productions and collaborations set for release on Spinnin’ Records over the upcoming months, Gregor is all geared up to make 2016 one of his most productive years to date. A true veteran of the house music scene, he has demonstrated that his style is timeless, so stay tuned for the energetic sounds of Gregor Salto!


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