The sonic equivalent of a blow to the gut and a kick in the head
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a true international sensation

Nobody in his or her right mind would want to extinguish the flames generated by Firebeatz, the dynamic Dutch duo of Tim Smulders and Jurre van Doeselaar, who’ve become a true international sensation with their fully engulfed combination of original music, remixes, and big-name collaborations.

Are they primarily producers, you might ask, or DJs? Answer: Why pick? When you see Firebeatz live, “basically 80 or 85 percent of the show is strictly our own tracks,” says Smulders. “Almost everything you hear, we produced ourselves. I think that’s pretty unique nowadays; not a lot of people do that.” Which is not to say that the techno-geek status that makes them so in demand in the studio means these two are anything but extroverts when they get in front of tens of thousands of people. “We’re super-energetic behind the turntables and always get the crowd with us,” Smulders says, an assurance that goes without saying for anyone who’s ever experienced a set of their block-burning beats.

It’s no surprise to find them in DJ Mag’s hotly contested ranking of the annum’s 100 top DJs. But narrowing it down to a mere hundred is not enough for genre superstar Calvin Harris, who includes the duo among a much narrower ranking. “Firebeatz are in my top five dance producers right now,” Harris declares. “They have many original ideas and a very unique understanding of groove and dynamics that I love.” He put his career where his mouth is when he enlisted Firebeatz as collaborators on “It Was You,” a track from his hit 2014 album Motion (following up their remix of Harris’ “Thinking About You” from the year before).

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